Sometimes even the flight of an angel hits turbulence. ~Astrid Alauda

Friday, July 16, 2010

I am back!

Busy busy stuff stuff stuff!

I hope you are all well and feeling groovy! Apologies for lack of contact on this web thingy. I have been busy with psychic readings, writing for a magazine, etc etc!

Am loving the jugganaught pace of my life just now and am embracing everything with open arms!

Love to you and happy Friday!


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Full Moon energy....

The past few nights have seen the Moon at her most fullest......which means super high powered energy for all....and not much sleep for many of us hyper sensitive types.

I have painted the kitchen, changed knobs, and now am very happy with our re-vamped look...

have been busy doing that and also lot's of interesting readings for people....i love meeting so many new faces and connecting with them on a spiritual level is a blessing for which i am truly grateful.

My eldest daughter and her son came over yesterday and we went out for lunch which was lovely....Heath is such an old soul and amazes me each time i see him. He turns 3 this Sept although he acts 33!

Peaches has been with us for a week now and has decided that she is an eating machine! by this time next week she will probably be HUGE...haha bless her.

Wednesday love to you,

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday cruisy Sunday :)

Sunday's are so good........went out for brekkie this morning with David and my son Jake. After that we headed to Bunning's and bought some white paint, a paint brush, 19 silver knobs, a potted chrysanthemum and a baseball cap with a light built into it ( Jake needed one ;).

Am re-vamping the kitchen cupboards this week with fresh paint and new cupboard knobs...feeling creative and realise that after 5 months here I'm falling in love with this old house.

Sunday love to you,

Friday, March 26, 2010

ºㄥ◯∨モ º☆º ☽

i love the internet!!! seriously, i do.

i would marry it if i was a Mormon, but i am not a Mormon so i can't as i already have one husband that i love a lot and to have another husband would be greedy.

anyhoo, yeah, i loves the internet!....woke up ridiculously early (again) this morning, before the birds had even started their sing-a-thon. David made us green tea and we had a heart to heart about moving again in April..... we decided that we are staying here for another 6 mnths as we do love this old love nest of a home and it is 2 steps away from Oxford St ( Oxford street has over 30 restaurants, cinema, wine bar/pub, cafe's, park, river etc;) so it would be a little stupid of us to shift again to somewhere not as amazing. I think green tea helps clear away brain fog....or maybe dumbness as in our case

All hail the power of an early night and green tea!! :)

The one thing i miss not having in this house is kitchen bench space as we have hardly any work bench to chop and dice and make merry vegetarian food on.

So.....Mr. David the puter man went googling and found a kitchen island bench for $200 that is perfecto for us....not only that BUT the lassy that owns said bench is a couple of streets away from us!!!

hence my LOVE for the internet...(and David of course)


Spiritual stuff.....

Dear Universe,

Thanks for listening to me.....the people that you are sending my way for psychic readings are very interesting...the French lady was so beautiful both physically and energetically speaking. Thanks to my guides for all of your input too....muchly appreciated.

Peaches has fallen in love with my bed and only moves off for meals....bless her

What a wonderful day x

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Poem by me for Peaches...

Peaches you are our new cat
My love for you could fill a hat
A hat so big it could hold the world
In a ball fast asleep you lay there curled...

look at you, all soft and cute
may i ask in your dreams do you play the flute?

now as you sleep, i feel i must hurry
as for dinner tonight i am making lentil curry

so into my kitchen i shall now sneak
leaving you here until i come back in and have a peak

to check that you are safe and happy
and if you were my baby you would wear a nappy!

Love Jane

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pussycat Pussycat la la laaaaaaaaaaaa!

I am up zingyily early with the birdies this fine excited about welcoming Peaches into my home tonight...she is going for an op today to be de-sexed as she is only a baby herself and was abandoned with a litter at only 18 months old. I had my first baby at age 19 (years, not months) so I appreciate the shock of being thrown into an adult world at a youthful age.

I have made her a snuggly bed (an old wicker toy basket draped with my picnic rug) in my favourite room of my house and am off out hunting today for cat stuff....bowls and food mainly, oh yeah and a litter tray thingy.

Everyone is snoring just's like a symphony of sleep.

Being me, i jump out of bed at ridiculous hours with my mind whirring and either cook, write or read. This blog thing is going to be fun. Now i can ramble on to you!

I hope your day is full of surprises...much happiness and LOVe x