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Friday, March 26, 2010

ºㄥ◯∨モ º☆º ☽

i love the internet!!! seriously, i do.

i would marry it if i was a Mormon, but i am not a Mormon so i can't as i already have one husband that i love a lot and to have another husband would be greedy.

anyhoo, yeah, i loves the internet!....woke up ridiculously early (again) this morning, before the birds had even started their sing-a-thon. David made us green tea and we had a heart to heart about moving again in April..... we decided that we are staying here for another 6 mnths as we do love this old love nest of a home and it is 2 steps away from Oxford St ( Oxford street has over 30 restaurants, cinema, wine bar/pub, cafe's, park, river etc;) so it would be a little stupid of us to shift again to somewhere not as amazing. I think green tea helps clear away brain fog....or maybe dumbness as in our case

All hail the power of an early night and green tea!! :)

The one thing i miss not having in this house is kitchen bench space as we have hardly any work bench to chop and dice and make merry vegetarian food on.

So.....Mr. David the puter man went googling and found a kitchen island bench for $200 that is perfecto for us....not only that BUT the lassy that owns said bench is a couple of streets away from us!!!

hence my LOVE for the internet...(and David of course)


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